I first want to thank you for visiting my website. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me.

My name is Kaiser and I am a photographer based in the Boston area. I love all genres of photography, however, I primarily focus on portraiture and street photography. I also work with models looking to build their portfolios.

I believe that many people have passions which they have not truly explored. Things they love to see or things they love to do. For me it was photography. I have always loved flipping through photo albums and even more so loved being behind the camera. Whether it was a cheap disposable camera or later on a point and shoot, I always wanted to capture those precious moments with friends and family. I always had a camera on me which is why I have shoe boxes filled with prints and negatives, before technology took over. Now it is digital files all the over the place. Despite all of this, I never really explored the idea of turning it into serious hobby or taking a professional approach.

The moment of clarity for me was while I was at bridal expo looking for a wedding photographer. I came across a canvas print of a groom and his groomsmen. It was a great picture and it also remined me of my friends and I. Not only did I want to be in a picture like that, but I also wanted to create my own images and capture moments that would never die. I mentioned it to a friend and he informed me that he owned a dslr. He also told me where I could get one to start out with. The rest is history.